to the moon
Horde Guild, Outland, 10 members
371 PVE Points


Name Race Class Faction Level Rank Professions
Enji Troll Mage Horde 70 Social Leatherworking Enchanting
Exandro Orc Shaman Horde 70 Officer Blacksmithing Leatherworking
Exander Troll Rogue Horde 70 Officer Leatherworking Jewelcrafting
Hummertime Orc Warlock Horde 70 Officer Leatherworking Tailoring
Meanbank Orc Warrior Horde 1 Banker
Meandrood Captain Tauren Druid Horde 70 Moonmaster Leatherworking Enchanting
Getmilkhere Tauren Druid Horde 24 Member
Meandor Undead Priest Horde 70 Social Herbalism Engineering
Jobs Orc Warrior Horde 1 Banker
Humvee Troll Shaman Horde 26 Officer